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Arbor Day-Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment

Arbor Day-Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment

Mar 12,2021

On March 12, 2020,

We will usher in the 42nd Arbor Day after the founding of New China.

This day, I planted a sapling by myself,

It is planting a green hope.

China has always had the habit of planting willow trees before and after the Qingming Dynasty

A tree grows to 50 years old,

Can produce $ 31200 worth of oxygen,

Absorb harmful gas worth $ 62,500,

Increased soil fertility valued at $ 31,200,

Conservation water is worth $ 37,500,

Provide a breeding ground for birds and other animals worth $ 31,250,

Produces protein worth $ 2,500.

That is,

Today you put a "green seed" into a "green bank",

After 50 years,

In return will be "green wealth" worth $ 196,000.

Arbor Day March 12, 2020,

Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group again issues the initiative:

Let's fight for afforestation,

Do not invade woodland and green areas,

Do not cut down damaged trees,

Do n’t trample on vegetation lawns,

Fill the earth with green growth rings with low-carbon power,

Let the "green core" of the "Global Village" come back to life,

Let us be surrounded by greenery.

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